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Zahid Khan Nazim Aloch

Zahid Khan Nazim

Nazim Aloch Puran Shangla

Muhammad Zahid Khan S/o Haji Muhammad Ibrahim Ex-District Council Member  (born Puran, Shangla District 1970) is a Pakistani politician, elected in 2005 as Union Council Nazim of Aloch Puran Shangla of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan on Non-Party base. He did B.A from Jehanzeb College Swat Peshawar University. He is a member of the JUI(F). He is famouse for their honesty during tenure as Nazim. He has done lot of work in U.C Aloch. Pak Army has also appreciated his work in the area. Construction of Bagiar Aloch Road, Kadona Aori Road,  Kanba and Buner wall Road. In Bridges Kanab Pecha bridge, kotakay birdge, Aloch Nimkalay village Birdge and kakor birdge etc and aslo did street in Aloch, Nimkalay and Kotkay etc. He is very popular in poor peoples. In future he will be great leader of the area.


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My Contact Information: Nimkalay Aloch Puran Shangla

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